Our goal is for ANIMAL SHELTERS , to be animal shelters. 

A  shelter should  be  a safe, loving place where homeless companion animals do not have
an expiration date due to overcrowding.

Due to the overpopulation crisis in our Country, an estimated one to two million healthy companion animals
are being killed each year because of the lack of resources to care for them.

Do you want to help STOP it NOW?

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Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

  1. Spay and Neuter
    Spay and Neutering is an essential way to control unwanted pet populations and keep animals out of shelters. ARFp will assist you with finding affordable services and help with the cost.
  2. North Carolina Shelters and Rescue's
    When you have an over population issue, are in need of food or other items to care for sheltered animals, contact ARFp for assistance. Our team will work with your group to find solutions.
  3. Pet Medical Cost Assistance
    When your pet is in need of unexpected medical care and you can't afford the cost, contact ARFp for assistance. We can offer resources and financial help in most instances.
  4. Legislation
    ARFp advocates to Local and State officials on behalf of our animals to enact laws that will protect their rights, as well as families rights for pet ownership. ARFp does not believe breed specific legislation is positive for our communities.